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Systemic Advocate, Dr Siyat Abdi working on his computer

A Life of Possibilities

KIN’s Systemic Advocate, Dr Siyat Abdi, was featured on the Office of Multicultural Interests’ website this week.

His inspirational story was shared as part of the International Day of People of African Decent Celebrations.

In sharing his story, Siyat describes the challenges he faced as a migrant with a disability such as wanting to pursue his teaching career in Australia, but being rejected by the Teachers Registration Board.

“The focus was on my disability, not on all the things I had achieved!” Siyat said.

Siyat appealed against the decision and went on to become the first blind teacher in South Australia.

Siyat’s passion is still helping and advising others on how to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

To read his story click here: Dr Siyat Abdi — a life of possibility (

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