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Do you need help?

Who do we help?

Men, women and children with a disability who come from another country or speak a different language.

What is a disability?

A disability is a permanent injury, illness or physical or mental condition that restricts the way that someone can live his or her life. This means you might find it hard to do things like communicating your needs, looking after yourself, looking after your home, getting to places, or being able to work or study

How do we help?

  • Our advocates will try to help you solve problems that are concerning you
  • Our Advocates can talk to other organisations for you. For example – NDIS, Centrelink, Department of Housing schools and hospitals
  • Advocates help with any problem relating to a person’s disability or medical issue
  • Advocates are not “case managers”, which means they cannot help with every single problem a person might be facing. Connections to other service providers that may help an individual with their problem is possible

Who is an advocate?

An advocate is someone you can trust and who is on your side.

  • They can help you to tell people what you want and need
  • They can help you to tell people when something is wrong
  • They can help you to solve problems
  • Everyone can have an advocate to help them
  • An advocate is NOT a lawyer

How much will it cost?

Kin advocacy services are free

  • Help is available for up to 12 months