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Training & Consultancy

To meet the needs of the increasingly diverse West Australian community, service providers are required to become more culturally competent at all levels of service provision and management. Our training service is specifically designed for disability support agencies and is linked to the National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS), National Standards for Mental Health Services and the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators.

About our training

Our cultural and disability diversity training doesn’t come off the shelf. We work in the disability space. We understand the challenges faced by our clients as well as the disability \services sector. We customise our training to your organisation’s unique needs, so you create an environment that is culturally safe for both your workforce and clients.

Why we need to be culturally competent

Agency structures must ensure supports provided to clients from ethno-culturally diverse backgrounds meets their unique needs. This includes being cognizant of culture and language norms that may impact on the clients’ and their family/carer capacity and ability to engage.

Our Training Types


Kin staff are available to work with agencies to address systemic issues impacting on the ability to deliver culturally competent services. This advice may be in the form of review of policies and practices, recruitment and retention of multicultural workforce, service access, marketing and promotion, etc. 

Customised Cultural Competency Training

Our training is unique to each agency. Kin works with you to tailor the format, content, and timeframe of your training requirements. You may wish to engage us to have a short cross-cultural conversation with new recruits as part of their induction. The cultural competency training is tailored as a half day or full day workshop depending on previous agency exposure to this training.

Quotes from workshop participants:

“… very helpful to have someone working in the space provide the training. Previous sessions I have participated in haven’t been anywhere near as well presented and informative. Thank you.” 

“… very informative and engaging, this was an excellent workshop that was applicable.”

After training support and follow up

Staff at Kin are available to provide follow-up support to participants as part of our consultancy service. This may be in the form of a telephone conversation or a meeting at the workplace.

Interested in our training?

Please contact us via email at [email protected] for further information about this service and associated costs.

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