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Systemic Advocacy

Our systemic advocacy work seeks to influence and secure positive long-term changes in society for people with disabilities, including changes to legislations and government policies and practices that impact negatively on diverse people with disability.

What is systemic advocacy?

KIN’s Systemic Advocacy work is a collective social action aimed at influencing changes in the existing structures and systems that impact on people’s lives and improve service delivery for CaLD people with disabilities, their families and Carers and ensuring the protection of their rights whilst promoting and effecting positive changes.

The Systemic Advocate investigates the individual or group’s ability to live in the community free from barriers, discrimination and social stressors.

We address

Violation of rights

The Systemic Advocate investigates the violation of rights in compatibility to the Convention on the Rights of People with Disability (UN Convention), National Standards for Disability Services (NSDS) and the National Disability Strategy (NDS).

The Systemic Advocate identify drivers, depth and level of violation of rights impacting on CaLD people with disability, action on issues  regularly reported  by individual advocates, Monitor government and media reports that resonates adverse issues affecting people with disabilities, identify issues requiring proactive responses and develop collaborative partnership with other agencies in planning priorities for action.

This involves providing briefing on the systemic advocacy issues and where necessary working collectively with other Independent Advocacy Organisations to provide input into various policies through submissions.

Equal opportunities

Systemic advocacy efforts aim to operationalize positive outcomes that needs more time to effect changes.

The complexity of systemic advocacy activity is odious, the process is complex, fast-paced, and dynamic which makes data collection and reporting challenging, but so significant.

As a result, the systemic advocate develop partnership with other social justice agencies coordinating and facilitating communication between various agencies and government towards disability advocacy support with the ultimate purpose of providing equal opportunity to all persons living with a disability.

Committees we are involved in

The Systemic Advocacy participates in sector representation committees (government) and sector networks (community) in provision of direct or indirect Submissions, provide feedback to relevant government departments and advise on a range of issues, including reviews of legislation and policies relevant to the delivery of systemic advocacy activity.

The Systemic Advocate participates in various networking initiatives Constantly to share common issues and collective advocacy, as well as increasing the capacities of Ethnic community organisations through Information Advocacy in Promoting education and empowerment.

The Systemic Advocate is actively involved in the following organisations and agencies:

Metro Department of Transport and Local Government Authorities’ Action and Inclusion Reference Group Meetings among other Forums, reference groups, advisory network meetings, strategic planning meetings workshops and Conferences.

Report an issue

Have you witnessed discrimination or an issue with accessibility in your community? Our systemic advocate will investigate the issue on your behalf. Get in touch and tell us more.

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