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Meet Our Kin: Halina

Please introduce yourself, where you are from and your role at Kin.

My name is Halina and I was originally born in England from Polish heritage. At Kin I am working as an individual advocate.

How long have you been working at Kin?

I’ve been working at Kin since April 2011. Nearly 12 years!!
What is your favourite part about working at Kin?
I absolutely love the whole client connection, being able to help people, advise people and give information so people can make informed choices.
What is something you have learnt from working at Kin?
I don’t like Turkish coffee. And along the way I’ve learnt so much from clients and have been amazed at the struggles that a lot of people have come through to get here, to what they feel would be a better life. To assist people in that situation has been a real privilege.
Something interesting about yourself?
I suppose from a work point of view I am known for my joke telling. I cannot spend a day without telling a joke and I like to impart my jokes on people which can be quite upsetting for some. I am not a brilliant joke teller, but I do like to see the lighter side of life. I think it’s important.
What’s one thing you’ll miss about kin and one thing you are looking forward to?
I will miss working with clients which was my perfect role here. I have quite a few plans to work in a voluntary position and work with migrants and refugees potentially at TAFE doing English tutoring. I am also thinking about going onto the radio station and potentially having a stint on the radio which will absolutely have some jokes involved!
Last Thursday marked Halina’s last day at Kin after nearly 12 years of working with us. Halina, thank you so much for being such an amazing part of the Kin family. You will be dearly missed. 🧡

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