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Advance Health Directive

Main issue addressed

The main object of this project was to research and educate the CaLD communities about the Advance Health Direct (AHD). This was done through a range of workshops, radio programs, and through the provision of translated information in audio and in written material.

What did we do/how did we do it

EDAC facilitated a series of consultations with members of CaLD communities designed to:

  • provide information about AHD and the enduring power of guardianship (EPG) to these communities
  • Identify issues that CaLD clients had with respect to AHD and EPG,
  • seek community member’s ideas for how to best disseminate information about the

AHD amongst CaLD communities


A number of issues were identified during the sessions:

  • The lack of family members who could make decisions on a person’s behalf was an issue
  • the lack of literacy in their first language was another concern
  • Concepts were difficult to comprehend

In light of these needs, a flyer of AHD was developed and translated to 7 languages, a radio interview was conducted where the legislation was explained, 100 CD’s were produced with the translated flyer about AHD and EPA, 50 CD’s and translated flyers were distributed to aged care facilities.