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Case Studies

Mikal’s story

Mikal is a 16-year-old living in a regional WA. 

Mikal’s issues 

Mikal has an intellectual disability and cognitive impairment. He was referred to Kin Advocacy by his school liaison officer as his primary carer’s health was rapidly declining. The school liaison officer requested support to place Mikal in safe out-of-home care before his primary carer became so unwell that crisis intervention was necessary. Mikal’s extended family were aware that his needs could not be met in his current living arrangements and it was not possible for anyone else in the family to provide the necessary support. The extended family and members of the local community had raised concerns with the appropriate authorities regarding Mikal’s vulnerability. Even though Mikal’s disabilities meet the criteria to access support services, the family had not been offered support from relevant services. Mikal was not attending school at the time of referral to our service. He needed advocacy to access supports through multiple agencies, re-engage with school and test eligibility for NDIS to develop an appropriate NDIS plan. 

How we helped 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and regional boarder closures, all meetings were held via teleconference. All agencies that had a necessary role in meeting Mikal’s support needs were contacted. Our agency and a local community service provider worked collaboratively with Mikal’s family to establish regular multiagency meetings to address Mikal’s immediate needs, ensure he was safe and progress planning to meet future support needs. A meeting was held with the deputy principal at Mikal’s school to discuss necessary supports to enable him to attend. The advocacy officer provided information about the NDIS to Mikal and his carer. She also liaised with local services to collate relevant evidence of disability. Mikal’s NDIS Access Request form was submitted, and he was accepted for the scheme. The Kin Advocacy officer provided support at Mikal’s planning meeting via telephone. Kin Advocacy provided Mikal and his carer information about the range of services available in the region. 

Outcomes for Mikal 

Mikal is transitioning back to school and currently attends every day for a limited time. This will be increased as he builds his confidence with both staff and students. The timing of Mikal’s NDIS plan approval coincided with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions and limitations on regional travel. Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, Mikal’s NDIS plan supports are starting to be implemented. Mikal’s carer is aware there is the option of requesting a plan review should the funded supports not meet his needs. Mikal is trialling an out-of-home care option with the view to eventually being provided with a safe place to live.