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Case Studies

Senait’s Story

Senait is a 28-year-old woman from Eritrea referred to Kin Advocacy by a community health nurse. Her first language is Tigrigna. 

Senait’s issues 

Senait arrived in Australia two years ago, has limited English literacy and no extended family support in Australia. Both Senait and her partner are deaf and use Auslan as their primary form of communication. She presented with three issues of concern. 

  • Senait was concerned about her three-year old son’s language development and social isolation because both parents are deaf. 
  • She had commenced an English language course at TAFE; however, she did not have access to Auslan interpreters when attending classes and was concerned she would not be able to successfully complete her studies. She was not aware that disability support services were available at TAFE. 
  • Senait’s NDIS plan had recently been approved. She advised the advocacy officer that she did not feel understood during the planning or the implementation meetings, and that the plan did not meet her support needs.

How we helped

The advocacy officer discussed family support service options with Senait and provided her with information about services close to her home. The advocacy officer provided information about disability support services available through TAFE and relevant staff contact details. After discussing strategies to negotiate for the services she needed, Senait felt confident to liaise with them directly. At all times EDAC advocacy staff encourage clients to self-advocate with support from staff if required. The NDIS plan review process was explained to Senait and EDAC helped her to gather relevant evidence and information to support her case. EDAC provided advocacy support to lodge a plan review (review of a reviewable decision). 

Outcomes for Senait 

Senait now accesses a Child and Parenting Centre near her home where her son is enrolled in a program to support his development. The family are also participating in family activities at the centre. Senait contacted the Disability Support Service at TAFE directly and now has an Auslan interpreter during class and the support she needs to complete her course successfully. A review of reviewable decision application, including supporting documents, has been lodged with the NDIS. Senait is currently awaiting an outcome.