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Case Studies

Yasin’s story

Yasin is a 43-year-old Iraqi refugee who arrived in Australia in 2015. 

Yasin’s issues 

Yasin was referred to Kin Advocacy by his GP and presented with numerous chronic health issues, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. He had lodged several unsuccessful applications for a Disability Support Pension (DSP). At the time of referral, he had been on Jobseeker allowance for several years but was unable to work due to his physical and mental health conditions. Yasin had also disengaged from support services, making it more difficult for him to provide evidence of disability. 

How we helped 

Medical evidence provided to us demonstrated that Yasin’s physical health issues would only attract 0 points on the Centrelink impairment tables. When questioned, it became apparent that Yasin had previously seen a psychiatrist at a community mental health service but was not currently engaged with any services or support. Yasin was advised to re-engage with the mental health service as this would assist in his appeal. The Kin Advocacy officer liaised with the relevant mental health service and the treating psychiatrist directly, clearly explaining what evidence was required for Yasin’s appeal to be successful. The advocacy officer assisted Yasin to lodge an appeal for latest Disability Support Pension rejection. As concerns were raised about the level of social isolation and the lack of current supports for Yasin, the Kin Advocacy officer also provided Yasin with information on the NDIS and what was involved in applying to access the scheme. 

Outcomes for Yasin 

Yasin’s Centrelink appeal was successful, and he now receives Disability Support Pension. The latest report from his treating psychologist indicates improved mental health and quality of life. This was directly attributed to him no longer having to demonstrate compliance with job search requirements. Due to his enduring mental health issues he had found this exceptionally difficult to meet. At this stage, Yasin does not think he needs extra support through NDIS but is aware that there is an option to apply for access to the scheme in the future should his psychosocial support needs change.